One on One Ceremony

One on One Ceremony

Dancing the Rhythms of Life

In additional to offering larger community ceremonies and rituals, I love working with clients one-on-one. A ceremonial space for two, as it were. This is more like spiritual mentoring, and we might create a particular theme to work with. Just like in the Journey in Motherhood offering, we create a safe and sacred container to work through whatever journey you are undertaking in your life. I act as a witness and mentor, to help you process and metabolize the journey of your life. This is about having personal sacred witness, a guide through the perilous and not so perilous passages of your life.

Generally, we meet monthly, on or near the new moon, using the rhythms of the moon and the seasons to create context for your spiritual life. Using tarot, astrology, sacred listening and ritual, we work with the new moon as a catalyst for all you are intending. I bring a sacred feminine orientation to your practice, or help you develop your own spiritual practice, one that is entirely your own.

If you are interested in learning more about facilitating ritual and ceremony, we can create these sessions as apprenticeship type sessions. As well as dancing through your own spiritual journey, I can help you step into your own calling as a ritualist and ceremonialist.

Lastly, perhaps you just want a one time ceremony, to help to honor or let go of a particular transition in your life. Working together for a few sessions, we create a ceremony just for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are intrigued by these ceremonies for two.