Kind Words

Kind Words


What others say about me and their ceremonies… If you are considering working with me for your ceremony, these testimonials might help you understand how you’ll feel after all is said and done.

These kind words inspire me to live up to them again and again, and I am humbled that I was fortunate enough to create ceremonies for all these fine folks.


Jen was fantastic! She is a seasoned professional in this field. If you are looking for a unique ceremony where your guests will leave feeling like that was the best ceremony they had ever been to, Jen is your gal. She was wonderful through the whole process. We met a couple of times and also filled out a lengthy questionnaire (separately) which allowed her to get to know us even more and how we felt about each other. She pulled that info into the ceremony which made it so personal. People were asking us if she was a long time friend! It was everything we had hoped for and we are so happy we found her. Highly recommended.
-Mandy & Jon (Estes Park, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Choosing Jen to be our officiant was the best decision we made throughout the wedding planning process (and you know there are thousands of decisions to be made, amirite?!).


We wanted an officiant who felt like a friend but, frankly, could also hold a crowd’s attention. We also wanted a secular ceremony that still had spirit. My partner, who works in the sciences was adamant about this. Myself, an agnostic who gets her kicks more in nature than in Jesus, was in agreement. But we both had religious parents to try and please, so we were nervous about how it would play out.


Enter Jen Garone, part earth mother, part grounded professional who takes her work seriously. Everything she says she is going to do for your ceremony is true. She truly cares, and truly gets to know you so it feels personal and intimate. Her warmth, sense of humor, and sense of purpose won me over from our first meeting. And I genuinely enjoyed hearing from her throughout the process.


Post-ceremony, I lost count of how many of our wedding guests singled out the ceremony as one of their favorite moments. How personal it felt, how it felt like they got to know us through Jens “sermon”. Listen, as a former chef and current food editor, we spent big on catering. Never the less, we kept hearing, “The food was great, the drinks were great, but the ceremony oh my goodness!”


And–this is the part where I would start choking up if I was telling you this story in person–what really sealed Jen as the best was when, during my father’s toast, he admitted his initial skepticism for a non-religious ceremony. But then he also admitted that it was the most spiritual ceremony he had ever witnessed. Check and mate.


I’ll admit–we kind of gasped at the price point at first. And you might too. Hear me out. I’m convinced this happened because of the expectations of standard rates of your run of the mill officiants that are often of the cloth/in the church. Because if you google “cost of wedding officiant”, it gives you numbers like “$50 or a donation to the church”. It just doesn’t compare to the kind of services that Jen offers, and the kind of time she commits. When you compare what Jen does to the cost of flowers or catering, as opposed to cookie cutter “do you take”-style officiating, then it’s actually very reasonable, so please don’t let this deter you from reaching out to her. Honestly, she seemed very flexible (from the start, she operates on a sliding scale).


This is going to be different. This is going to be custom. This is going to take a person many hours to put together. And we’re talking skilled labor. You know, stringing words and stories and memories together into a beautiful tapestry that will move you and your guests and make you feel like you are doing something capital I Important.


Now, budgets are budgets and I get it. But we both cared a lot about the ceremony part of the wedding, so we put our faith in Jen to deliver and she did. My one regret is that I don’t live closer so Jen can be my master of ceremonies for all of the major (hell, even minor!) events in my life going forward. Her passion for what she does for her people is truly a gift and we count ourselves so lucky to be a part of it.
-Rebeccca & Patrick (Lyons, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

The entire process Jen created with Small Circles Ceremonies was fun, engaging, and made us really think about love and commitment for each other and what it mean to us individually (even after being together for 12 years). Jen met and talked with us as much as we wanted and showed us dedication. Jen pushed us to connect with our words, but never pushed us outside our comfort zone. For our vows, she provided us examples and talked through the process (many times) to ease any fears or nerves. We felt she was always open and honest and really worked to create a unique, thoughtful ceremony that was so specific to us and our life together, that at some points we felt we had a narrator for our lives. Throughout the ceremony she made us feel engaged and more in that moment with our family and friends, that even us, the bride and groom, can remember the words and the feelings throughout the ceremony. And better yet, we got more compliments about the officiant and ceremony and how special it was, than about the bride’s dress or the specialty desserts or anything else. Jen and all her services provided by Small Circles Ceremonies created a truly one-of-a-kind moment that we and every person at our wedding will never forget. So book her now! And you won’t regret the decision!
-Tanya & Clayton (Fort Collins, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

I recently attended one of the most memorable, unique and heartfelt wedding ceremonies I’ve ever been to (except our own, long before I knew Jen!). It inspired me more than I ever thought possible and its impact is still with me. Jen created something custom and perfect for this particular happy couple with great insight and creativity. Each ritual element was beautifully updated for a modern couple who doesn’t want the “usual” traditions that many don’t relate to anymore. I especially loved how much the audience was included in the ceremony, making it feel so intimate and filled with love. Just participating made me feel like we had all been given a special gift to take with us. While I’m sure the next couple’s ceremony would be very different, I know it would be just as special and unique to them.
-Barb Garrison (Boulder, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

I don’t think I can tell you how profound this experience has been. I thought that getting some promises on paper was impactful, but choosing words to describe my relationship with [my partner] and what he brings to my life has been powerful. Thanks for sharing the opportunity to dig a bit deeper.
(Estes Park, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Jen was the best officiant ever! She was amazing in so many ways. From the first time my wife Emily and I met with Jen in a coffee shop we knew she was the officiant for us! She spent a great deal of time getting to know us and made our first meeting a very enjoyable experience. She then requested us to complete a questionnaire in order to learn more about Emily & I as individuals, our story thus far together, and what specifics we would want Jen to focus on in our ceremony. We met with Jen in that same coffee shop again shortly before our wedding date to catch up, go through everything in our questionnaire, and make sure we were all just feeling good! Emily & I believe it was this personal attention to detail and time Jen spent with us that made our wedding ceremony truly one-of-a-kind! Jen was so passionate, well-spoken, and full of smiles as she delivered our wedding ceremony. Emily & I were full of every positive emotion during the ceremony, and we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! Afterwards, I received nothing but glowing reviews from ALL of our family & friends in attendance. In a word, everyone said our wedding ceremony was truly “perfect”. Emily & I both want to thank Jen again and again for her beautiful ceremony, and plan on staying in touch with her as we continue our very happy lives together as husband & wife! THANK YOU JEN!!
-Robert (Boulder, Colorado Ceremony Ceremony)

Working with Jenn was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. It was important for us to really tell our story of what makes us unique as a couple and to really emphasize how much we love each other and all of our guests. We spoke and met with Jenn and we felt like we knew her for years. She is open minded, welcoming, and creative. We had a few ideas in mind and Jenn just helped us put everything together and she prepared the most beautiful ceremony. All of our guests thought she was a long time friend because we had already bonded so quickly and again she is so warm and welcoming. I highly urge people to consider using Jenn if you are looking for something intimate, unique, and truly yours. There was nothing generic about our ceremony and to us it was perfect! I also appreciate the time Jenn put in to get to know us. We met, filled out a questionnaire, and helped choose our readings and rituals – she genuinely made the ceremony specific to us.
-Stephanie (Denver, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Jen was fantastic! She got to know us early on and asked us questions about how we met, what we like about each other, how we each make the other feel, etc. This all helped her to better gauge how to approach officiating. She was very flexible when it came to messaging and traditions and was open to all religious and non-religious backgrounds. She was even open to the presence of cannabis being an available intoxicant at the reception and that’s more difficult to find in an officiant than I thought it would be, living in a legalization state. In our wedding specifically, she was able to capture the theme of community and yet still keep the focus on us. She helped me get into the right headspace to make my vows perfect and the ceremony itself pulled its life from the questions she asked us early on and the conversations we’d had throughout the planning period. She really tried to get to know us as a couple and it made all the difference in the end. She far exceeded my hopes and her service was perfect.
-Ray (Denver, Colorado “Cannabis Friendly” Ceremony)

I want to start off by saying that Jennifer was Incredible! She really helped make the ceremony memorable for my husband and I and all of our guests. She helped to tell our story in a intimate, soulful, and magical way. From our first meeting I knew she fully understood our vision. It was a wonderful process getting to know Jennifer and tell her our life’s story. She helped us re-visit the moments from the past that lead us to who we are now as husband and wife, which I found to be a essential process when you are about to get married. We are so happy we chose Jennifer as our officiator.
-Hilary & Casey (Denver, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Jen was nothing short of wonderful. Her energy and enthusiasm are completely contagious and her unique approach brought life, participation and unity into our wedding ceremony for both of us and all of our guests. Through the simple act of taking some time to get to know us through questionnaires and personal meetings, Jen managed to tailor our ceremony so it became a one-of-a-kind event that was memorable to everyone that attended. Through her own experiences, Jen provided us with just the right amount of invaluable coaching and sharing of ideas to make our wedding day very special. Jen was a joy to work with and we would not hesitate to recommend her to any couple that wished to find an officiant that works so hard at making your most important day full of love and happiness.
-Brian (Denver, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

I (or we) can’t say thank you enough for the whole process and the ceremony was amazing! I had a Wonder Years moment when you were addressing us. I love that you used our words because I’ll never forget them. You got so many compliments. Our ceremony was just that, ours and only ours, and I’ll forever cherish that moment you so graciously created for us. So, thank you! We can’t thank you enough! The cliche phrase “do what you love, love what you do” speaks volumes to your ceremonies. I could never get from your website the moment you created with your (and our) words. Thank you!
(Fort Collins, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Jen was an amazing officiant for our wedding! She got to really know us and personalized our ceremony. Jen listened to what we wanted and tailored the entire event specially to us, our relationship and what we were looking for out of the ceremony. Jen made the entire experience easy and comfortable. Our guests were amazed by Jen and kept asking if she had been a long time friend. We continue to get compliments on how great our ceremony was!
-Anonymous (Denver, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Jen was amazing and all that we could have asked for in an officiant. She guided us through all the steps to help us craft a very personalized and incredible ceremony. We had so many compliments about how unique and special our ceremony was from our guests. If you choose Jen, you will not be disappointed.
Eric & Gailan (Keystone, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Jen was an absolute pleasure to work with and really spent the time getting to know us and creating a customized and meaningful ceremony that really told our story!
-Anonymous (Lyons, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Jen went above and beyond to make our ceremony special! She listened to our needs and wants and makes your vision come true. Our romantic, lighthearted,bilingual ceremony was magical and flowed beautifully. We received so many compliments from our Spanish and English speaking guests on how beautiful the ceremony was and how amazing Jen officiated. Thank you Jen!!!! You went above and beyond to make our ceremony special! We received so many compliments on how beautiful the ceremony was and how amazing you are. Everyone loved you! Your Spanish was magical. You are worth every penny and more!
-Janette (Bilingual Wesminster, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

I found a lot of officiants on the internet, and talking to them I felt a huge disconnect. Most of them have you choose between sample A, B or C on already written ceremonies. I was feeling really let down, until I found Jen. We talked on the phone for over an hour about my love story and our lives. It felt like a million pounds had been lifted off my shoulder in a matter of minutes. I was right about her, only your closest friends and family truly know your true love story and for Jen to come in and give it the justice it deserves on your wedding day was amazing. I have been told several times that my ceremony was the best people had ever been to, all thanks to Jen.
-Tana (Lake McConaughy, Nebraska Destination Wedding Ceremony)

Jen is AMAZING! When my wife and I came to the conclusion that we had to look for an officiant online we were not thrilled. Then we came across Jen and after the first meeting with her we knew it was going to be an awesome fit. Our ceremony was the most beautiful part of our wedding. We had numerous people ask who our officiant was, how we knew her and they were shocked when we told them we found her online. She told our love story perfect and really encompassed everything we wanted for our big day.
-Anonymous (Boulder, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Let’s face it-your ceremony is the most important part of your big day. Jen made the entire experience unforgettable. We planned the ceremony through email and over the phone, as ours was a destination wedding. Jen spent time getting to know us, our relationship, our values, and our plans for the future and reflected perfectly who we are on that day, even though it was only days after meeting her for the first time in person. Together, my husband and I agree hands down: Jen absolutely made our wedding perfect. I remember walking down the aisle overlooking a beautiful mountain view, and before starting the ceremony she reminded us both to take a deep breath and be present. After initially contacting her, Jen spent time with us on the phone, sharing her values and the meaning of ceremony to her personally. Her philosophy is beautiful, and resonated with us from the very beginning. I would recommend her, hands down, a million times over. I know I’m gushing, but Jen helped us start our lives together and will certainly continue to play a role as our friend.
-Erin & Alex (Estes Park, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Our family and friends were impressed with the wedding ceremony. Many thought Jennifer had been part of our lives for some time. She captured our journey and history like no one else has. She was able to catch the most important parts of our life together. Fantastic job in describing how we felt the first time we got married. I have no words to describe the emotion we felt to hear our journey. Luis held his tears during a few parts of the ceremony (loved it). We knew how important it was for us to go through the ceremony ritual for our family and ourselves however, I never envisioned the impact it would have on our sense of safety. We are in such a calm and loving place. We have several things to worry about in our daily lives however, after the ceremony we have been on team mode. I would not have chosen anyone else to work on our ceremony, it turned out wonderful!!!!!!!!
-Georgina & Luis (Bi-lingual Brighton, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Jen at Small Circles Ceremonies was perfect for our small circle ceremony – truly a circle of 18 of our closest family and friends gathered around us in our living room. (Big party celebration came later.) Originally we thought we would officiate ourselves. Quickly we realized that was going to result in a ‘too simple’ ceremony. We wanted it light, yet still meaningful and memorable. We contacted a few officiants and Jen reflected back what we hoped for plus added yet another great sense of humor to the planning process. It was fun and comfortable working with Jen. She brought forth many ideas for us to consider and made it easy to share, nix and change ideas. Then she took the bits and pieces and created a very personalized and touching ceremony. Ceremony guests offered many compliments to how special the ceremony was and we (bride and groom) agreed. Again, Jen made it perfect for us!
-Mary Ann & Robert (Boulder, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Working with Jen leading up to our ceremony helped us focus in on the meaning and purpose of our wedding, instead of all of the crazy planning that needed to happen to pull off the event. We loved creating our ceremony with her! Jen was responsive and helpful as we wrote our vows. She was flexible and helped us to craft a very special part of our ceremony that involved our community. We valued getting to know Jen and having her get to know us through the process of planning the ceremony. And, when it came time for the big day it felt like we were with a long time friend! Our ceremony was special, unique, and so very, very memorable — I recommend Jen to anyone and everyone!
-Emily & Scott (Boulder, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

You did an amazing job! Thank you again for guiding us through the process and making it so very special for us. Everyone at our ceremony enjoyed it so much! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the forest! That was so sweet of you to print out our wedding ceremony and put it in such a lovely book for us to keep forever. Everything was so beautiful! I can’t thank you enough.
-Missi & Fabien (Allenspark, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Jen is a wonderful person that truly took the time to listen to our story and thoroughly immerse herself into our relationship, our individual selves, and our wedding vision. She took on the complex task of helping us craft a bilingual ceremony in English and Spanish, and she spoke beautifully between the two languages! Jen has such a calming, confident nature about her. She was very helpful in guiding us through any wedding anxiety or stress, especially on the day of the wedding. Jen took the time to come early and check in with both of us separately before the ceremony to make sure we were not getting too overwhelmed, and to help remind us of the true meaning of the day. Jen obviously takes her role as a wedding officiant seriously and is dedicated to the sacred nature of a ceremony, but is also relaxed and able to have fun with it. She took the time to introduce herself to our families on the day of the rehearsal and seems to value the personal connections she makes. My experience working with Jen was very fulfilling and I felt like she did a wonderful job of understanding our ideas, as well as providing suggestions and guidance for things we were unsure of. It all came together beautifully and I would recommend her to anyone!
-Andrea & Alonso (Bilingual Centennial, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Thank you so much for being our wedding officiant. Your words were beautiful and we really appreciate everything. See you in ten years!
-Sandra & Jeff (Steamboat Springs, Colorado Vow Renewal Ceremony)

During the months of planning before our big day my husband and I searched the internet for the right person to officiate our wedding ceremony. We were essentially looking for someone who could write a unique ceremony tailored to us as individuals and also reflect our commitment and love for each other. While searching, we stumbled upon Small Circles Ceremonies and Ms. Jennifer Garone. As we read through her introduction and browsed her website, it became very clear to us that we wanted to make contact and ask about the process. Jen’s response was timely, kind, informative, and inviting. She requested that we meet, get to know each other, and have conversations about our vision and wishes. As planning a wedding goes, things can get very hectic and stressful- Jen was patient with us and always offered support and direction. She dreamt up neat and different ideas on how to involve our guests and children into our ceremony. She gave us options and so much more. My husband and I live in Wyoming and Jen, of course, lives in the Boulder Colorado area so 95% of our communication was over e-mail and phone calls, which worked surprising well. Once the big day came, Jen felt like a friend and part of our inner-circle. Our ceremony turned out absolutely beautiful and perfectly written for us. After our ceremony commenced and even now our guests (including our families) can’t say enough about Jen. Thank you Jen! For supporting us through this process from beginning to end!! You are truly a gem!
-Bonnie & Miles, (Allenspark, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Jen was the kind, thoughtful, and eloquent leader of our wedding ceremony this summer. Her beautiful writing was heartfelt and meaningful, and she was a joy to work with. Although we had just met her a few months before our wedding, many guests asked us how many years we had been friends with our officiant. She took the time to know us well, and created a sacred space for our unique ceremony that truly reflected our values and our love.
-Maggie & Cole (Fort Collins, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Thank you again for the wonderful ceremony, it was really perfect, and everyone really loved the ring prayer…really the whole thing!
-Ben & Ranti (Denver, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

Jen helped my husband and I prepare for our big day! She is so resourceful in giving ideas and making sure that your ceremony is the way you want it! We loved the way she incorporated her Spanish into our ceremony! Our experience was amazing!
-Doris & Travis (Bilingual Denver, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

We won’t forget our wedding day! Jen brought so much love and perfect details in the ceremony, we couldn’t imagine any better officiant for us! We are a couple from Austria and did our elope wedding during our holidays in Denver. We talked at Vienna with Jen over Skype and by email to plan everything before. Our wedding took place at the Cheesman Park in Denver – just Jen, our witness, a photographer and us. She wrote an incredible wedding speech and she was excellently prepared! It looked like, she did plenty of research and set the preparations right to her actions. She is such a nice person and could route us through warm and gently through the ceremony. Our wedding was a great adventure and we are so thankful to Jen! We had a great officiant and are very happy to share this moment with her.
-Katharina & Thomas (Denver, Colorado Elopement Ceremony)

“Our wedding was wonderful! I had 1 month to plan since we decided we wanted to do our wedding on the special day of the Spring Equinox. I was looking specifically for an officiant that could embrace the love and meaning of the seasons that we have. It could not have been more meaningful or beautiful. I would recommend Jen with Small Circles for anyone who wants to add that extra special meaning to their ceremony. We laughed, we cried, we embraced our ancestors, and we honored the seasons. It included everything we could have asked for.”
-Tina and Josh (Wesminster, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

“Jen was amazing. She took such care in building our ceremony. Each word will stay with us forever. Even after only knowing her for a short time, we felt like it was our friend up there speaking to us. Small Circles Ceremonies was attentive and thorough with every aspect of our ceremony. I would highly recommend them for any event.”
~ Stephanie, Milliken (Nederland, Colorado Elopement Ceremony)

“Jen is a gifted ceremonialist and woman of prayer. She is willing and able to sit with difficult questions, grapple with things that really matter, and hold steady during big moments. She takes her role very seriously, yet manages to make it all pretty funny too. She is a compassionate, humble and intelligent guide, and a trustworthy midwife of threshold moments.”

~Naomi Ehrich,

“Having Jen marry us was such an incredible gift. She was able to take our disjointed, somewhat unrelated “wants” and turn them into an incredible ceremony. Jen has an amazing way of holding sacred space and for our ceremony, that is exactly what she did. We wanted our guests to join our ceremony in some way and she came up with the idea of blessing garden bulbs. Everyone got a bulb as they walked in and were told to think of a one-word blessing for us as they sat. When the moment came, everyone circled around us and spoke their blessings. It was such an incredible moment and one I will not forget. Now, every spring when those flowers bloom we will be reminded of that moment and those wonderful blessings. I cannot thank Jen enough for her creativity, her time spent on planning and for giving us a ceremony that was better than we could have imagined. I would highly recommend Jen to do any wedding or ceremony. She truly is wonderful.”
~ Patti (Boulder, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

“Jen is absolutely amazing at providing ceremony for any occasion. For my wedding she led the wedding party in a beautiful ceremony honoring the directions, the elements, our marriage, and spoke eloquently to the wonder and sacredness that marriage holds. Both her presence and willingness to work with us to get the ceremony exactly like we wanted, was invaluable to the ceremony and the day. Later, when people commented on the wedding ceremony, it was most often to tell us how gorgeous this part of it was. Thanks Jen!!!”
~ Melanie (Boulder, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)

“Jen knows how to hold sacred space. She was incredibly welcoming and loving of not only us but everyone who came to our ceremony. She was able to capture our own authenticity and incorporate that into a beautiful wedding ceremony. Finding a wedding officiant can be so hard but let me make your choice easy: choose Jen. Seriously you will not regret the choice for one second. She will take what you want and do it in a way that feels like she was reading your mind.”
~ Sarah (Boulder, Colorado Wedding Ceremony)