Vow Renewal

Vow Renewal

The blessings of a vow renewal

Vow renewals can appear to be quite similar to wedding ceremonies, but there is something uniquely endearing about this celebration. Whether you are celebrating 5 years, 10 years, or 50 years of matrimony, renewing your choice of each other can be quite a potent and special marker. Perhaps this little snippet of a vow renewal I wrote says it best:

“This moment, this renewal of your commitment to each other, is just as potent, if not more, than when you first made your pledges to each other. To be in a marriage for ten years is no small feat. You have made it through the bittersweet beauty of ten autumns, the cold and dark of ten winters, the awakening and renewal of ten springs, and the joy and exuberance of ten summers. You have journeyed together not only through the seasons of the year, but you have learned to navigate the unique seasons and rhythms of your daily lives together. You have remained steady through countless ups and downs, hard moments and moments filled with bliss, moments of grief and moments of celebration.

Life’s journey is not a straight line. A marriage is inevitably an evolving relationship as years go by, offering tests and transformations with all the adventure, intimacy and pain that change can bring. Ten years into your marriage, your blinders are off, you know exactly what it takes to be in relationship with one another, you’ve experienced all the rewards and challenges that marriage brings. You know that marriage can be both a beautiful and fulfilling path, and a sometimes difficult and painful path. You know that marriage is a choice that is made daily, whether you are conscious of that choice or not. Today, I celebrate the ten years already shared in marriage, and I honor your conscious choice to commit to each other once again, and your willingness to continue to dive deep into relationship with one another.”

If you are looking to renew your vows simply, with just you and your partner in attendance, or surrounded by your community, children, grandchildren and everyone who supported you on your path, please contact me to discuss your vow renewal.