Bilingual Weddings

Bilingual Weddings

Spanish / English Bilingual Weddings

Even though I resisted speaking Spanish for most of my adolescence, at middle-age, I am extremely grateful my mother insisted on raising me to be bilingual. It comes in handy (essential!) in so many ways, and it is delightful to be able to offer bilingual weddings to an increasingly bilingual population.

My bilingual ceremonies tend to flow between the two languages. If your community has more Spanish speakers, we might use more Spanish, and if your community has more English speakers, we’ll lean a bit more to the English side. I try not to translate the whole ceremony — that would make the ceremony a little long, and perhaps even a little tedious. I work to find the perfect places to incorporate both languages, such that the ceremony still has a beautiful and comprehensible flow. My goal is that your Spanish and English only speakers feel like they understood a great portion of the ceremony. Bilingual weddings can be a great way to honor the diversity of your upbringing, a lovely way to honor where you and your partner came from.

And… because I get asked this question all the time: Yes, I am a native speaker, and I speak Spanish with an Argentine accent. I am fluent in Spanish, and really only feel comfortable offing a Spanish/English bilingual wedding, but if you want some French, German or Italian in your ceremony, I could probably get by. 😉

Contact me to have a conversation (in Spanish or English) about your bilingual wedding.